Small Tribes offers a more PVP focussed experience compared to the other clusters that we run. Our PVP/Small tribes cluster offers 24/7 raiding in a fair and balanced environment. By removing certain items from the in-game shop we have allowed for a more difficult experience, along with the removal of the quest system means everyone is on the same playing field.

Our tribe rank system helps smaller tribes keep up with larger ones by increasing harvesting/taming/XP rates etc depending on tribe size.

Everyone has the ability to come back into the constant fights using our Rebuild Kits! These Rebuild Kits feature increased rates and loot quality to allow you to match other tribes more quickly!

Map Adress Link
Crystal Isles
The Island
The Center
Scorched Earth


Setting Multiplier
Harvest 2.5
Taming 5
Experience 3
Egg Incubation 10
Baby Maturation 10
Imprint Interval Every 30 minutes
Mating Interval 70% faster
Mindwipe Cooldown 2 Hours
Auto Decay Timer Chat Command: /decay
Tribe Limit 6
Tribe Slot Reuse Cooldown 3 hours
Boss Element Boost 50% - 150%
Alliance System Enabled for Solo-Trio
Local Turret Limit 125
Tamed Dino Limit 600
Max Structures in Range Limit 6000
Max Platform Structures Limit 20-150
Turret Limit per Platform 10
TEK Shield Limit 3
Cliff Platform Limit 50
Metal/Tree Platform 1
Max Player Level 155
Max Dino Level 150
Max Tek Dino Level 180
Max Wyvern Egg Level 190
Loot Quality Base
Fish Loot Quality Base
Water Drain Halved
Food Drain Halved
Stamina Drain 30% reduced
Ressource Weight Reduction 50% reduced
Item Stack Size 500-1000
Tamed Dino Weight PerLvl 3
Player Weight PerLvl 2
Player Weight Limit 1000
Player Speed Limit 170
Gamma ON
Damage Text Numbers Player/Tribe Based active
Crosshair True
Daily Restart 12:00 (CEST)

Each tribe is assigned a rank based on the number of players within the tribe. Gaining tribe members will be reflected instantly, but removing a tribe member will take 24 hours to update. A tribe rank will be reflected in chat by a unique colour and grants bonus multiplier.

Solo, duo and trio tribes must have been established for at least 24 hours to gain the bonus. The base rates are multiplied with the bonus.

The harvest multiplier setting also applies to loot from boxes and kits

Example: (Harvesting) 2.5 x 2 (Multiplier) = 5 Harvesting

Chat Commands:

/tribetime - Check time for current tribe status

/triberank - display current tribe rank info

Max Players in Tribe Harvest Experience Taming Points
Solo (1) 2 1.5 3 60
Duo (2) 1.5 1.3 2.5 30
Trio (3) 1.2 1.2 2 20
Squad (4-6) Base Base Base 10
Max Players in Tribe Alliance Creation Titan Structure Damage Turret Filler Range Advanced Starter Kit Solo Farm Mod
Solo (1) Enabled Disabled 24000 Units Enabled Enabled
Duo (2) Enabled Disabled 16000 Units Enabled Enabled
Trio (3) Enabled Disabled 10000 Units Enabled Enabled
Squad (4-6) Disabled Enabled 6000 Units Disabled Disabled

Raid Times

24 / 7 (Always allowed)

Beginner Protection

New players who join the server after 72 hours after wipe, get 72 hours of structure protection in ORP-Range. Check the remaining time with /pve

Offline Protection Setting

50% dmg taken and 2x turret damage

Infinite Turret

ORP may not be used in any restricted area! Enabling ORP in these locations will result in it being removed and you will be subject to a Punish Rank

Command Description
/setorp < name > sets orp to current player location.
/showorp Shows your orp range
/showorp shows orp range
/removeorp < name > Removes ORP

Turret Balancer

Adjusts the Turret Damage based off the number of players attacking compared to how many are defending.

If a tribe member of the defending tribe logs out the defender count will remain the same. However, if more members log on or an alliance member is detected within range the count increases. If no PvP activity is detected within 30 minutes the defender count will decrease.

The number of attackers is based on range and updates at set intervals.

Turret Damage Example:

Tribe A = 4 people

Tribe B = 2 people

Tribe A attacks Tribe B with 4 people. Turret Damage = 150%

Tribe A withdraws a member and it becomes 3 vs 2. Turret Damage = 125%

Tribe A withdraws another member making it 2 v 2. Turret Damage = 100%

Road to Alpha [TEK Engrams]

Solo – Trio tribes have the possibility to unlock tek engrams by completing the Road to Alpha Achievement.

Use the chat command /achievements in-game to check your progress.

Please note: if your tribe size is higher than Trio the progress for Road to Alpha will continue, however, you will not unlock the engrams. Once an achievement has been completed, it cannot be reset.

Achievements Requirement Rewards
Road to Alpha I 24h PlayTime, Kill 1000 wild dinos, 3 Player Kills Tek Replicator, Tek Gloves, Tek Shirt, Tek Boots, TekPants, Tek Helmet
Road to Alpha II Kill 4000 Wild dinos, 5 Tamed Dino kills Tek Generator, Tek Trough, Tek Gate_Large, Tek Gateframe Large, TekWall Sloped Left, TekWall Sloped Left, TekCatwalk, Tek Gate, Tek Gateframe
Road to Alpha III Kill 7500 wild dinos and 10 Tamed dino kills Tek Transmitter, Tek Door, Tek Gate Large, Tek Wall With Door, Tek Gateframe, Tek Fence Foundation, Tek Shield, Tek Foundation, Tek CeilingWithTrapdoor, Tek Ladder, Tek Pillar
Road to Alpha IV 20 Tamed Dino Kills, 10500 wild dinos Kill, 10 Player Kills Tek Railing, Tek Ramp, Tek Stairs, Tek Trapdoor, Tek Wall, Tek Window, Tek WallWithWindow, Tek Teleporter, Turret Tek,
Road to Alpha V 15 player kills, 15000 wild dino kills Tek Vacuum Compartment, Tek Vacuum Compartment Moonpool, Tek Bed, Tek Light, Tek Megalodon Saddle, Tek Window, Tek Rifle, Tek
Road to Alpha VI 30 tamed dino kills, 25000 wild dino kills, 20 Player Kills Tek RockDrake Saddle, Tek Mosa Saddle, Tek Tapejera Saddle, Tek Cloning Chamber, Tek Space Whale Saddle ,Tek Sniper
Road to Alpha VII 50 tamed dino kills, 100 tamed dino, Kill 35000 wild dinos Tek Alarm, Tek Claws
Road to Alpha VIII 60 Tamed dino Kills, 30 Player Kills,200 tamed dinos, 4 day playtime Tek Hover, Tek Shoulder Cannon
Road to Alpha IX 40 Player Kills, 80 Tamed dino Kills,50000 wild dino kills, 7 day playtime Tek Cruise Missile, Tek Grenade Launcher, 20000 Points

Tribe Ranks

Tribe Ranks are assigned based on the number of players within a tribe. Recruiting new members will be updated instantly but removing a player from the tribe will take 24 hours to update. Tribe Rank will be reflected in chat by a unique colour and name tag.

Bonus multiplayers are calculated by the size of a tribe and are multiplied by the server rates.

Additionally, the harvest multiplayer setting is applied to loot from boxes and kits.

Example: Server Rates (x5), Tribe Multiplier (x1.5) = 5 x 1.5 = x7.5

Anti Structure Damage

We use a private plugin which prevents specific creatures from causing structure damage to smaller tribes.

All Titan Typs Protection: Solo and Duo

Remember that smaller tribes can cause damage to larger tribes.

PVP Cooldown

Engaging in any PvP activity will incur a PvP cooldown which will be displayed in-game and notify you of the remaining time until it ends. While PvP cooldown is active certain PvE functions are disabled, such as, popcorning items, using commands to fill turrets, suicide and disabled features like the S+ Omni tool to stop items being pulled. See below for a full list of disabled features.

Blocked Items:

  • B Multi-Tool
  • B Omni-Tool

Blocked Commands:

  • /suicide
  • /setorp
  • /shop
  • /kit
  • /buykit
  • /turrets
  • /fill
  • /buy

Blocked Behaviors:

  • Popcorning Items
  • Structure pickup

Custom Breeding

B Nanny enabled = 100% imprint

We use a plugin which allows us to set custom imprint intervals and bonus for each creature.

  • Dinos will no longer want to walk for imprints.
  • Dinos don't want to have special food (ex. Wyvern Milk)
  • Imprint interval timer for all Dinos on 30min
  • Increase Imprint Bonus Stats by 20%
  • Custom Imprint amount for Dinos (ex. Giga only need 6 imprint for 100%)

Raid Warnings & Tribe Log Relay

Ability to send a Discord warning message to players as their in-game structures are under attack. (only warns when they are offline and in private discord message)

Tribe owners can have in-game tribe log events forwarded to a discord channel of their choosing. Also gives server admins the ability to log all tribe activity to a private admin discord channel.

/TLR - Sets a discord webhook for the tribe. (only for Tribe Owner)

Example: "/tlr"

Floating Damage Text

Our PvP servers have a custom plugin to enable Damage Numbers which are only seen by members of their own tribe. Command: /dmg

Custom Exploit Fix

Climbing Pick Mesh Prevention

Prevent C4 from being placed within 3 foundations of friendly structures to either prevent self harm or prevent raiding exploits with platform dinos using tunnels to detonate C4 on enemy structures.Auto Destroy glitched fertilized eggs from dedicated storage/transfer tools. (AKA Level 1 Eggs)

Prevent Grapple SlingShot: Will force the crossbow to be unequipped preveting the exploit. Will not force unequip when using spacebar to cut the line and leap though.

Further restrict structure placement range with X foundations of enemy structures (e.g Sleeping Beds).

Control platform structure counts per platform blueprint. Prevent cyropod glitches when teleporting.

Tribute Dino Downloads prevented when Mission is active.

Removed Boss Arena cheese techniques - No grappling in boss arena. Prevent certain dinos from being used and deal with the dinos in multiple ways.

Buffs and Improvements

Woolly Rhino increase damage and resistance by 50%

Custom Nerfs and Caps

Saddle Armour Clamp: 124% / 99.2%

Weapon Clamp: 332.5%

Flamethrower: Set damage for ‘Enflamed’-Debuff to 4% per tick (Default 8%)

Prevent Tek Dino Breeding resource farms.

Element harvesting on Genesis, Crystal Isles and Extinction nerfed by 40%

Managarmr breath damage to player reduced by 50%

Cryopods: Adjust the amount of damage a creature does, for a period of time, after it has been released from a cryopod

  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Outgoing Damage Multiplier: 99% damage removed
  • Outgoing Damage Multiplier Percent: 30% more damage


Auto Destroy Beaver Dams after leaving the inventory after 120 seconds

Delayed Creatures

All Dinos that are listed are disabled for taming and will be unlocked 48 hours after server wipe.

  • Crystal Wyverns
  • Griffin
  • Stego
  • Gasbag
  • Managarmr
  • Snow Owl
  • Gacha
  • Golem
  • Bloodstalker
  • All Titan Typs
  • Megachelon
Mods Description
Bloody Structures This mod is a modified version of Structures Plus+
Bloody Community Mod Bloody Community Mod
Bloody The Center Extension Bloody The Center Extension
Bloody Aberration Extension Bloody Aberration Extension
Bloody TheIsland Extension Bloody TheIsland Extension
Bloody Valguero Extension Bloody Valguero Extension
Bloody Scorched Earth Extension Bloody Scorched Eearth Extension
WShop UI A Visual Interface for our Ingame Shop Plugin. Press F1 to open.
WLootbox Visual Lootboxes
Solo Farm Mod This Mod makes Solo Farming very easy.
Awesome SpyGlass! Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer! Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current target.
Ark Better Server Security Keep Griefers away and make sure banned players never join your servers again, even if they change accounts!
Pickup Gun (with Anti-Dupe) This is a PickupGun that delivers similar functionality to the S+/SS PickupGun. This was a much requested Mod by Members of my Discord since S+,SS & HG Pickup Guns lack a propper Dupe-Protection.
Mod Complete List Open List

We have assembled a rebuild kit, to keep the motivation going after being raided.

If you have already played in the current season and return after a while, you can sign up for the Gamma Kit. In this case, only the playing time will be considered.

To obtain the rebuild kit, you need to apply on our discord server, to prove that your base has been destroyed.

There are 3 levels of the rebuild kit:

Gamma Kit

Beta Kit

Alpha Kit

Your Base was made mostly out of metal

Your Base had ateast 20 Auto Turrets

Your Base had basic items such as Fabricator / Grill / Smithy

Chat Command: /rebuild gamma

Your Base was made fully out of metal

Your Base has atleast 100 Auto Turrets

Your Base had atleast 50 Heavy Turrets

Your Base had basic items such as Industral Forge / Industral Grinder / Industral Cooker.

Chat Command: /rebuild beta

Your Base was made mostly out of metal with some Tek items

Your Base had atleast 100 Heavy Turrets.

Your Base had atleast 10 Tek Turrets.

Your Base had basic items such as Tek Generator / Tek Replicator / Tek Teleporter

Chat Command: /rebuild alpha

Please note Alpha kits will not be available for the first 2 weeks of a server wipe.

Please also note to qualify for the correct kit, the correct evidence must be shown in your support ticket showing how you meet those requirement.

Simply meeting one criteria such as "Your Base had atleast 100 Heavy Turrets." but you did not have the "Your Base had basic items such as Tek Generator / Tek Replicator / Tek Teleporter" means you will not qualify for that rebuild kit and will be given the suitable kit.

Plugin Chat Command Description
Tribe Rank /rates Shows the server rates with your multiplier
Solo Farm /farm This allows for players to look at, ride, or pick up (with argy, crab, quetz, skiff) and use a /farm command to toggle
Rebuild Kits /rebuild gamma/beta or alpha Rebuild-Kit application with ingame commands
Tribe Request /tribe Prints all Commands from TribeRequest
Tribe Request /tribe openrequest Open request for your tribe
Tribe Request /tribe list Shows all tribes with requests open
Tribe Request /tribe info 'PlayerName or PlayerID' Shows player's server info
Tribe Request /tribe requests 'TribeName or TribeID' Requests to join a tribe
Tribe Request /tribe invite 'PlayerName or PlayerID' Invites a player to join your tribe
Tribe Request /tribe showrequests Show join request for your tribe
Tribe Request /tribe acceptreq 'PlayerName or PlayerID' Accept join requests (Only tribe owner & admins can do this)
Tribe Request /tribe showinvites Shows all invites for your tribe
Tribe Request /tribe closerequest Close join request for your tribe
Damage Text Numbers /dmg Set the option for damage numbers (Damage numbers are only visible by tribe members)
TribeLog Relay /TLR < Discord Webhook > Sets a discord webhook for the tribe log
Tribe Ranks /tribetime Check how long you have been in your tribe
Tribe Ranks /triberank Check your current available tribe rank
Auto Decay /decay Show current decay timer for structures and dinos
Cross Chat / Discord Integrator /discord Prints information required to linking your Discord
Cross Chat / Discord Integrator /raidwarning < minutes > Sets the raidwarning to < minutes> 0 = Off.
Cross Chat / Discord Integrator /setdiscord < username > Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed.
Cross Chat / Discord Integrator /setdiscord < authkey > Authorizes player with received code.
Shop, Currency & Kits /points Shows current amount of points.
Shop, Currency & Kits /buy < ID> < Amount > Buys the item from shop.
Shop, Currency & Kits /trade <'CharacterName'> < Amount > Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).
Shop, Currency & Kits /kit Shows all kits.
Shop, Currency & Kits /kit < KitName > Redeems the kit.
Shop, Currency & Kits /buykit < KitName > < Amount > Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
Shop, Currency & Kits /shop < Page > Shows a list of available items in the shop.
Shop, Currency & Kits /sell < ID > < Amount > Sells an item.
Shop, Currency & Kits /shopsell < Page > Shows a list of available for selling items.
Offline Raid Portection /setorp < name > sets orp to current player location.
Offline Raid Portection /orp Will give a message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not, will also tell you if your target has active ORP or not.
Offline Raid Portection /listorp Gives list of current ORPs
Offline Raid Portection /removeorp < name > Removes ORP
Name Changer /setname Prints information message.
Name Changer /setname < name > Choose a new name
Name Changer /setname confirm Confirms the new name, and actually changes it
Voting Rewards /vote Checks for votes and awards the player
Private Message /pm < CharacterName> < Message > Send a privat message to a player
Private Message /r < Message > Responds to a message
Structures Limit /limit Shows structures limit
Turret Filler /fill Fills Turrets
Turret Filler /turrets Change Turret Settings
Dino Color /dctokens Shows your token balance
Dino Color /sdcr Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino color
Dino Color /sdc Dino Color ids: (When looking at a dino) uses 1 token from your balance and sets that region to that color. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token during its lifetime, not per region Ex. “/sdc 1 1” Would paint the target dino's region 1, color 1, which is red
Dino Color /savedc < name > (When looking at a dino) saves the color scheme as the name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex.” /savedc zebra” Would save the color scheme as zebra in your saved dino color schemes for that species
Dino Color /listdc (When looking at a dino) will list all available saved dino color schemes for that species
Dino Color /loaddc < name > (When looking at a dino) loads the color scheme of that name (Saved color schemes are species specific) Ex. “/loaddc zebra” Would load the color scheme of zebra to the target dino. Uses a token IF that dino has not used a token previously.
BloodyPVP Balance /Suicide PVP friendly, will not kill you if you have handcuffs on, are on a dino, or you are knocked out
Help Menu /help Shows Help Menu


[1.1 - No Insulting]
Keep it civil. A bit of competitive showboating/taunting (aka "BMing") is fine, but don't descend into hurling abuse at one another.

[1.2 - No Advertisements]

[1.3 - No Spam]

[1.4 - No Cheating or Exploits]
Cheating in all forms is a bannable offense - including but not limited to: glitches, undermeshing, meshbiting, leaving the map, lag switching of any kind and speed grapple. This includes admins who abuse their access to console commands (or other server features) for reasons other than performing their support duties. Any unintended mechanics as a result from a plugin/mod that gives unfair advantages will result in punishment. Included in this is using exploits with friends to get to the top of our achievement lists

[1.5 No Insiding]
Joining a tribe with the deliberate intent of sabotage, or sabotaging your own tribe as you when you leave to join another is considered a form of cheating. This includes stealing property, turning off turrets, disclosing pin codes or leaving containers unlocked. Insiding your alliance is forbidden. Recruiting an inexperienced player who gets your dinos killed or forgets to close a door is not considered to be insiding. Everything belongs to the Tribe Owners! IF YOU MERGE, THE NEW OWNER GETS OWNERSHIP RIGHTS TO YOUR THINGS!

[2.1 - Tribe Name and Player name]
You are not permitted to raid under an alias.

You are not permitted to impersonate another tribe.

Your Tribe and Player name must not contain symbols/letters the game won’t recognize, or contain profanities.

Tribe members have to be in the same Tribe on all Maps.

Tribe name must be the same on all maps.

[2.2 - Tribe Limit & Alliances]
The Tribe Limit is 6 Players. Exploiting the tribe limit is considered a form of cheating e.g. having a log-out room.
No abuse of the tribe rank system is allowed!

Alliances are limited to trio’s and below, with a maximum of 1 alliance. The two tribes may not build close to each other. Turrets from 1 alliance half must not in any way be in the way for a raiding party against the other ally!

[3.1 - Raiding]
Bloody Ark defines raiding as attacking a tribe's base or Teleporter Station. Raiding an ally is not permitted! Hatchframe protected Dinos or fully armoured Dinos are forbidden and can be deleted on sight and have further punishment. This also includes the Tek-Skiff, any build that protects the skiff from being shot from all sides are not allowed and will be deleted on sight. If a turret would have severe difficulties in getting a target lock due to the platform design, it is not allowed!

[3.2 Wall-up strategy]
Due to how claim range works in ARK, only some structures will actively “claim or interfere” with hostile structures. Walls isn’t one of those. This has lead to the rise of a new meta where you build a foundation far below/above a base and then freely build walls into other people’s bases, bypassing their defences. Example photo. Bloody is now taking a stance against this strategy, and usage of this is now against our rules, and will lead to punishment of equal degree to meshing or glitching, as we find this to be an unintended building mechanic that is easily exploited. “Similar” standard siege strategy that builds towers close to make a ramp for a soaker will still be allowed at range, it is specifically the “cheesing” that will be punished.

[3.3 - Open-world PVP]
Active at all times. Placing Turrets in open pvp is only allowed if you're picking it up or turning those off afterwards. Please note that turrets are not allowed at banned locations, this includes obelisks as well, under no circumstances is it allowed at banned locations. See banned locations at section 6.0 Don't use glitches or exploits to cage your Enemy.

[3.4 - Teaming & Snatching raids]
Teaming is allowed for Solo up to Trio Tribes with their alliance for defending and attacking. Teaming is not allowed for Squads and for Tribes that are not in an alliance. Teaming for PVE activities Such as bosses is allowed, If attacked during said PVE activities you can defend as a team. In the case of a triangle scenario (Griefing a raid, counterraiding): -Should a third party attack a raiding group, the third party MUST commit to the raid should they succeed in driving the original attacker away. This means the third party group has to finish the raid on the attacked tribe. -Sniping players in an active raid is not allowed if you don't want to take over the raid -If you’re not intent on stealing the raid or are legitimately defending, stay out of it.

[3.5 - Imprisonment]
You cannot hold another player prisoner for longer than 45 minutes. The exception to this rule is during a raid, in which case players may be kept imprisoned for the duration of the raid. Imprisoned players must be released after 45 minutes of the raid being declared as over. If all attacking players are captured, the raid is classified as over. It is the responsibility of the person who was caged to provide proof. (Best way will be to type in global while caged with global message) There will be no resetting timer on a caged player. You may commit to a raid on the same map as the caged player. If not, they must be released after 45 minutes.

Offline Protection Settings
- Structure Damage (e.g Turrets) = 200%
- Structure And Dino Damage Resistance = 50%
- Dino Passive Protection Resistance = 90%

ORP may not be used in: caves, pillars, ratholes, pearl caves, rafts, ocean platforms , underwater bases (open, cave and bubbles), City terminals, FOBS and open world structures e.g Battery turrets
Additionally pillars and spots not reachable on foot
Enabling ORP in these locations will result in it being removed and potentially further punishment.

[4.1 - Rebuild Kits]
If you were raided you can get back on your feet and into the fight more quickly via our Rebuild Kits!

To Apply for the Rebuilt kit you believe you deserve use the following commands:
/rebuild gamma
/rebuild Beta
/rebuild Alpha

Only tribe leaders can apply for a rebuild kit. Once done requests will be viewed by our admin team and the kits should be automatically sent to the players if we believe you are eligible for the kit you have applied for. Any attempt to abuse/trick the admin team into giving you a rebuild kit you are not deserving of will lead to a punishment.

[4.2 - PVE Protection]
To enable PVE protection from a rebuild kit or other sources a ORP must be placed using /setorp <name> PVE protection will only function within the range of this ORP. Forgetting to place ORP while under PVE protection will allow you to be raided and you will not be compensated.

ORP and PVE is not allowed in the restricted Locations seen above. Failure to comply will lead to PVE being removed with no warning.

[5.1 - weapon exploits]
ANY mechanic exploit that make weapons, tools or creatures behave in an unexpected way, WILL result in heavy punishment! One of the ways we can point specifically towards, is snow owl interactions. We want to disable content as a last resort, so play fair and don't use exploits or glitches.

[6.1 - Banned Areas ]

  • All Maps: Obelisks and fair range around them.
  • Ragnarok: Wyvern Trench, South Wyvern Cave, Lava Golem Cave Entrance
  • Valguero: Wyvern Trench
  • Extinction: South gate rathole, 50/50 Grapple rathole
  • Genesis: Grapple Cave 50/50, 75/75 Bog Rathole, Mission Zones, HLN-A Teleport Location,
  • Magmasaur (Volcano) cave
  • Crystal Isles: Wyvern Cave/Scar, Underwater Loot Cave, Bee Cave
  • Scorched Earth: Wyvern Scar

All building, including turrets are not allowed in banned areas and will get deleted on sight without warning. Players that build or place turrets in a banned area will be target of a punish rank.

Unintended building areas that wildcard did not intend but messed up. Key features include but are not limited to: crawlspaces and mesh troubles, inability to get inside without sleeping bag, tranqing, zipline usage, unintended use of dino's or other foul play.
Building in these will result in instant base deletion at no compensation should it be deemed a banned area.

Admins have the last word.

By Violating a restricted zone's ORP rules,
Admins will remove the ORP without any warning and you will be subject of a Punish Rank
If you're absent for 3 days or more please open a ticket so we don't remove your base.