Dear players of Bloody Ark, we’re happy to announce that Season 20 of our Maincluster will start on July 31. at 19:00 CEST.

Season 20 Changelist

  • Flamethrower: Enflamed-Debuff nerfed to 4% damage per tick (down from 8%).
  • Managarmr: Breath damage to players reduced by 50%.
  • Element Harvesting on Genesis, Extinction and Crystal Isles nerfed by 40% from default settings.
  • Wolly Rhino damage and resistance increased by 50% from default settings.
  • All delayed Creatures will be enabled after the first Bloody Weekend (August 02. at 20:00 CEST).
  • Beaver dams will be destroyed 60 seconds after leaving it's inventory.
  • Added new Pickup Gun Mod with a dupe prevention.

  • New Plugins and Plugin Updates

  • Fixed Random PvE Issues
  • Added ability to prevent PvP players to join a PvE Tribe
  • Added "/pvecheck" command to check wether a tribe is in PvE
  • "/pvp" command changed to "/pvp confirm" to prevent accidential switches.

  • NEW Quest Plugin

  • New quests available
  • Quest plugin will be delayed until August 07. to finish it

  • NEW Smooth Transfer Plugin

  • Prevents you from losing your inventory when facing travelling issues
  • Automatically saves inventory upon server transfers, and restores it when you join.
  • Prevention of corrupted characters after travelling issues

  • NEW Day Changer Plugin

  • Ability to sync real-life day number with ark ingame number
  • Real-Life day 1 will be day 1 ingame. Real-Life day 2 will be day 2 ingame and so on
  • Does not affect Day/Night cycle

  • NEW Timed Permissions Plugin

  • Ability to check times left on VIP, Punishrank etc.

  • NEW Item Restore Plugin

  • Ability to restore your inventory when you're dieing inside the mesh

  • NEW Tribe Request Plugin

  • Ability to search for tribes that are currently recruiting
  • Ability to search for players looking for a tribe

  • Custom Exploit Fix

  • Climbing Pick Mesh Prevention.
  • Prevent C4 from beeing placed withing 3 foundations of friendly structures.
  • Auto destroy of exploited fertilized eggs (for example lvl 1 gigas)
  • Restrict placement of Sleeping Bags near enemy structures.
  • Prevent tribute dino download when Genesis missions are started or active.
  • Prevent certain Dinos from entering Boss Arenas.
  • Prevent grappling hooks in Boss Arenas.

  • Rule Changes

  • Trike-by-Foot rule removed - There was alot of confusion with this rule. Therefore we will remove this rule permanently
  • Added "pillars and spots not reachable on foot" to the restricted zones on Genesis and Aberration.

  • These changes will be updated in the rules with the new wipe

    Time Line

    31/July @ 19:00 - Season 20 starts

    02/August @ 20:00 - Enable Griffin / Gasbag / Managarmr / Snow Owl / Gacha / Golem / Titan / Megachelon taming

    02/August @ 20:00 - Lootboxes and Achievements are available

    02/August @ 20:00 - Webshop fully usable

    During week 2 - Season 19 Donators receive a coupon for 20% of their total donations

    During week 2 - Season 19 Highlight Rewards distributed

    Community Suggestions are open in our discord from now until July 29. At 20:00 CEST


    Cluster Purge: From the start of the next bloody weekend (July 24. at 20:00 CEST) we start our official purge week until the server are getting closed to prepare for the wipe. At this point we disable any Offline Raidprotection and PVP Protection. Raids are allowed 24/7 at all locations.


    (Last Update 23.07) - Changes are not final and can change! See you all in the next season!

    TribeReuqest Plugin

    TribeRequest offers a completely new form of doing tribe recruiting adding a complete different system built from scratch by Pelayori, which involves ingame player-to-tribe join request and tribe-to-player invites without the hassle of having to publish a message anywhere.

    The plugin has the following features:

    -Tribes can set their status to "Accepting Requests" with /tribe openrequest so other players can send join requests to the tribe (Only tribe owner & admins can do this)

    -Tribes can set their status to "Not accepting requests" with /tribe closerequest to stop accepting new join requests (Only tribe owner & admins can do this)

    -Players can see all the tribes that have their requests open with /tribe list that will display a list of tribes with open requests and the correspondant tribe data:


    -Players can request to join a tribe that has requests open with /tribe request 'Tribe Name' or /tribe request 'TribeID'

    -Tribes can invite players with /tribe invite 'Player Name or /tribe invite 'PlayerID' (Only tribe owner & admins can do this)

    -Tribe owner will be notified when a new request is received. All request can be seen with /tribe showrequests

    -Players will be notified when they are invited to join a tribe. All invites can be seen with /tribe showinvites

    -When accepting an invite / being accepted in a new tribe, the accepted player will have 5 minutes to execute the command /tribe tp to instantly teleport to the tribe owner of the player's new tribe

    -Players can accept invites with /tribe acceptinvite 'Tribe Name' or /tribe acceptinvite 'TribeID'

    -Tribes can accept join requests with /tribe acceptreq 'Player Name' or /tribe acceptreq 'PlayerID' (Only tribe owner & admins can do this)

    -Any user can request other player's server info with /tribe info 'Player Name' or /tribe info 'PlayerID'. It will display the user info with this format:


    Not also all those features, this plugin has logging to discord of any actions done with the plugin and admins could look up fraudulent use of the plugin such as exploiting it and vice versa.

    Our team hopes you like this new feature unique that isonly available in our servers!

    This plugin will be added with a new season.

    PVP Balancing

    We have added multiple plugin updates regarding PVP Balancing. The changes can be read under Cluster Info in the "PVP Balancing" section.

    Our new website is now live!

    Next Features:

    • User Panel - Players can view their points, lootboxes, quests and co via the user interface.
    • More Content - We will try to provide all information to the servers on the website.
    • Bug Fixes - Please inform Sly on Discord, if there is any issue with the website.

    New Support Policy

    We will make a big change to our support policy starting now. Support response time is always a big topic in our community discord, and we know that sometimes tickets take hours or days, sometimes even a week to get solved. The biggest reasons for that is people not including the needed information or asking for help in minor problems.

    To focus more on the important tickets that affect the gameplay and have a much shorter response time in urgent cases, the following changes will apply now.

    There will be no support for:

    • Replacing kits, lootboxes or dino boxes because of server rollbacks, missclicks or bugs in any way.
    • Replacing your inventory or cryod dinos because of server rollbacks or bugs in any way.
    • Helping you or your dino getting unstuck from any location. If your dino is inside the mesh try to upload it with a Transmitter, if your player gets stuck use /suicide.
    • Forcejoining a player into a tribe for any reason.
    • Enabling engrams from Road to Alpha in any situation. If you did not get the engrams you did not meet the requirements for it.
    • Replacing items or dinos lost to insiding. Everything belongs to the tribe owner. It’s your own responsibility to invite people in to your tribe that you trust.
    • (Problems with items bought in our webshop will still be supported!

    Tickets about these cases, crashed servers, asking when a cluster wipes or without the basic information will be closed without an answer from the Bloody Ark Team

    Tips for faster support:

    • Give us as much information about your case as you can.
    • Follow the ticket guideline and always include the following: Cluster, Map, Steam64ID
    • Do not DM admins. This will lower your ticket priority.

    We hope with this changes we can ensure our community a better and faster support!