Chat Commands

Limits + Other
/limit - Use to see current structure usage
/dinolimits - Shows dino limits
/bannedzones -Shows bubble for banned locations
/rebuild [alpha/beta/gamma] - Requests rebuild kit
/group - Shows your ranks
/GiveEngrams - unlocks all engrams to your current level
/farm - use solo farm without the remote
/suicide - Kills you

Dino Utility
/pods - cryopod all or specific dinos in your range quickly
Usage: /pods​
/pods giga​
/pod - cryopod the dino you are looking at instantly
/claimbabies - claim the dino babies in your range quickly
/collectbabies - will force the Storage Box or Vault you are looking at to start collecting newborn babies in the area. You must supply the cryopods in the vault first. The collector will not work if there are enemy structures in the area.
/turretmode [on/off] (dino) - enable/disable turretmode for all or a specific dino in your range quickly
Usage: /turretmode on​
/turretmode off​
/turretmode off velo​
/turretmode velo on​
/ds or /dinostats - Displays dino stats of dino in crosshair
/dn - rename creature name to base stats

Achievements and Stats
/daily - Lists daily missions and progress
/achievements - Lists achievements and progress
/stats [page] - shows player leaderboard for player kills, tames ect.
/dailystats - daily version of info
/mystats - lists your kills tames ect
/leaderboard - shows tribe score leaderboard

Tribe Mate
/setbase - Sets base location
/clearbase - Removes Base Location
/locate - Find tribe mates, base or custom location
/saveloc - Saves custom location
/removeloc - Removes custom location

Tribe Manger
/tribe - Shows all commands for Tribe Request
/tribe openrequest - Opens a join request for you tribe
/tribe list - Shows all tribes with open requests
/tribe info PlayerName or PlayerID - Shows player server info
/tribe requests TribeName or TribeID - Requests to join a tribe
/tribe invite PlayerName or PlayerID - invites a player to join your tribe
/tribe showrequests - Shows join requests to join your tribe
/tribe acceptreq PlayerName or PlayerID - Accept join request (Only tribe owner or admins)
/tribe showinvites - Shows all invites for your tribe
/tribe closerequest - Closes join request for your tribe

Integrated Discord with Ark
/discord - Prints information message.
/raidwarning [minutes] - Sets the raidwarning to [minutes] 0 = Off.
/setdiscord [username] - Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed.
/setdiscord [authkey] - Authorizes player with received code.
/TLR [webhooklink] - Sets up tribe log relay

PVP Protection
/pve - switch to pve mode
/pvp - switch to pvp mode
/pvecheck - check target (structures) for structure protection

Offline Raid Protection
/setorp [name] - sets orp to current player location
/setorp [id] [name]- replaces ORP [id] with current location
/removeorp [orpname] - Removes orp
/showorp -show a visual bubble in orp range
/listorp - Gives list of current ORPs
/orp - will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. And it will tell you if your target has active ORP or not.

/traders - Lists each player currently wanting to trade​
/trader - Adds you to the traders list​
/tradewith # - Opens a trade with an active trader from the /traders command​
/tradecancel - Cancels the active trade returning items to players and removing the trading boxes​
/tradelock - Locks your sending box to prevent scamming players before completing a trade (requires both players to lock before continuing)​
/tradeconfirm - Completes the trade between the players (only available after /tradelock is used by both players)​
/convert # - Convert # ArkShop Points into a tradeable consumable item which can be consumed to add points to a players ArkShop Points balance​

Shop, Currency & Kits
/points - Shows current amount of points.
/buy [ID] [Amount] - Buys the item from shop.
/trade [CharacterName] [Amount] - Sends points to other player.
/kit - Shows all kits.
/kit [KitName] - Redeems the kit.
/buykit [KitName] [Amount] - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
/shop [Page] - Shows a list of available items in the shop.
/sell [ID] [Amount] - Sells an item.
/shopsell[Page] - Shows a list of available for selling items.
/lottery - buy a lottery ticket for 500 points

Name Changer
/setname - Prints information message.
/setname [name] - Choose new name
/setname confirm - Confirms the new name, and actually changes it

Private Message
/pm [CharacterName] [Message]
/r [Message] response to a message

Dino Color
/dctokens - Shows your token balance
/sdcr -Randomizes the target dino colour
/sdc [region] [colour] - When looking at a dino sets that region to that colour.
/savedc [name] - When looking at a dino saves the colour scheme as the name (Saved colour schemes are species specific)
/listdc - When looking at a dino will list all available saved dino colour schemes for that species
/loaddc [name] - When looking at a dino loads the colour scheme of that name (Saved colour schemes are species specific)

Turret Filler
/fill - Fills turrets
/turrets - Change turret Settings
/fill heavy would fill only turrets including heavy in their name
/fill !heavy would fill only turrets excluding heavy in their name

Get Body
/getbody - Retrieves inventory from body (4h cooldown)
/getdino - Retrieves inventory from dino (4h cooldown)
/body - Lists bodies
/bodies - Lists bodies
/dinos - Lists dino corpse

Damage Numbers
/dmg 1 on - Turns damage numbers on
/dmg 1 off - Turns damage numbers off

Tribute Transfer
/upload - Uploads tributes in inventory
/download - Downloads all tributes in upload

Auto Crafter
/auto will begin autocrafting in the target rep/smithy/fab
/stop will stop autocrafting

Auto Repair
/repair will repair all the structures within the range of the player.
Uses resources from the players inventory and/or the dino they are riding. Respects repair damage cooldown timer.

No Wander
/NoWander (Will give usage information in game similar to this information)
/NoWander ? (provides a list of server options and their default setting)
/NoWander tribe (provides a list of tribe settings that you have set with the server default shown as well.)
/NoWander option [on/off] (Using the option number and on or off you can change a setting. The [option] value can be obtained using the ? command)
/NoWander 7 on (Will change your tribe settings to Randomly Name Dinos when claiming.)
/NoWander 7 off (Will change your tribe settings to turn off the option to Randomly Name Dinos.)
/NoWander stats (provides base breeding stats of the dino you are looking at tribe only or all dinos