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Bloody PvP

Our Small Tribes offers a more PVP focussed experience compared to the other clusters that we run. The Small tribes cluster offers 24/7 raiding in a fair and balanced environment. Our tribe rank system helps smaller tribes keep up with larger ones.

Bloody PvE

We are hosting a PvE cluster for those of you who enjoy the aesthetic side of ARK, who do not wish to bother with PvP and want to build the biggest, fanciest base out there!

Bloody PvPvE

Our PvPvE Server Cluster offers you time to build up with the full PvP experience on weekends in a fair and balanced environment. A long with: Quests, Achievements, Lootboxes, Rebuild-Kits, New Player Protection, Raid Protection and more.


Our Discord server is incredibly active with over 12000 active users. Our PvP and PVPVE clusters are wiped every 1.5-3 months giving players an exciting and refreshing playing experience while offering an active population.


We host a variety of unique events that occur every once in a while such as; the maze event in which players have to navigate a maze to win prizes, a doedy downhill race in which players use a doedicurus to roll down a mountain and beat other players to win rewards, a randomized trivia event in chat which grants points, loot boxes and many more!


BloodyArk features many custom plugins and mods that are developed in house by our own team to enhance your playing experience, such as, custom Tribe Ranks that provide increased rates based on tribe size or our new Tribe Finder plugin allows players to quickly search recruiting tribes and dive straight into playing with others. For a full detailed view on our plugins visit our Cluster Info Page.


BloodyArk has a dedicated support team on Discord that acknowledges and answers every single ticket sent giving the best playing experience there is to offer.

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