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BloodyARK and its game servers are available since begin of 2017. We are proud to have built up a large and active ARK: Survival Evolved community. And we will continue to improving and expanding the community. And keep best possible game experience to deliver the highest quality gameplay!

Our forums is your first stop if you need help or if want to report a player who is breaking the rules. It's also helpful to share your personal feedback and suggestions for example, mod suggestions with the BloodyARK team. The forum is also used to announce all the upcoming updates and changes to our game servers.

We think that the most important aspect of hosting game servers is to provide the best possible stability. That's why we only use continuously updated mods and stable server settings. And we will always keep improving the stability of our servers.

We are offering 24/7 support for all our players on our game servers. You can request support in two different ways, You can use our discord server to get in contact with a supporter or server admin OR you can open a support ticket on our forums.